cloud computing.

I’ve known very little of cloud computing up until my recent research of the subject. I have to come to find out that it has very beneficial aspects of communication, and collaborative capabilities. I like how it has different platforms that allow and help you do different tasks. Software as a service, SAAS, is a platform that is already configured for you. It’s mainly a support software that to help support their offered services, which also helps back up your data. The only con is you really can’t modify the software. Platform as a service, PAAS, would be good to use as a future web designer, considering it enables developers to build, test, and host appllications that users can access. You also don’t have to build the platform, just pay a nominal fee for using the service. Infrastructure as a service, IAAS, offers options such as storage servers, applications, to operating systems. It also saves you from spending on space, and personnel required to set up and maintain the infrasttructure. Although you pay a fee, the provider takes care of the maintnence of the infrastructure.

cloud computing also falls under the something called “green computing”, or computers that use energy more efficiently. Another green aspect is that cloud computing lets you access the pre-built resources in the cloud, stopping the need to use more electricity and carbon emmissions caused by the cooling of the computer resources. You’re also able to expand without the need of using more computer power. Another beneficial factor is how easy it lets you and others telecommunicate. Basically, anywhere you’re able to able access the internet, you’re able to access your cloud. There’s no need to download/install applications, everything’s provided for you. If anything, you’ll need resources and all you’d have to do is let your provider know, and even those will be provided for. Everything is almost automated.

as a hopefull, future web designer, cloud computing and it’s beneficial factors are amazing tools, tools that break alot of communication barriers. I’m able to effictively share, create, and my favorite, collaborate with who I need to. I’d worry about possibly losing data, but I’ve found out that most have back up servers that automatically sync with the old, once they’re pulled up. Most of all, I like how you’re able to work and collaborate, and how you don’t have to be in your designated work area I guess I should say I like the freedom it provides. Also the fact you can just access everything you need without having to really install and structure the platforms you work on, letting me able to work and think that more freely. The only part that’s a slight burden, is you have to pay for the services provided. Then again, they’re helping me be more carefree, work, and collaborate more efficiently. All in all, I definitely have alot of faith in working with cloud computing in the future, and the advantages and freedom it can provide.

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mobile web.

These days, if you were to ask someone to look something up on the internet for you, they’d more than likely pull out their phone and proceed to tell you what you were asking for, and more. Mobile web is so efficient and accessible, that to me it’s just as good as using a regular desktop computer. The creativity you would want to get out of it might not be as good, but it’s definately being worked on. Like i said though, the accessibility is simply amazing. We literally always have the internet in our pockets. That also means we now have a constant, and new source of a personal learning environment at our fingertips. We’re able to learn and keep up with information whenever we feel. I also love how the mobile web is constantly being worked on. I see in the future many ways of how we’re going to be able to do things using the mobile web, will become just as efficient as using actual desktops.

as a hopeful, future web designer, this is exciting news to me considering i could possibly contribute to the expansion of how the mobile web could be used. To me, i’m just used to the accessibility of the internet that the mobile web provides. I’m only aware of how you’re able to utilize certain tools using the mobile web. the mobile tools we do have such as google maps, and the navigation that comes with your phone are so great to have and have many people, like myself, very dependent on using these tools to do and find alot of everyday tasks. There’s also alot of creative innovations that i feel can be made with apps such as the google maps and etc. Also, Before touch screen and web evolved phones were very mainstream, i was aware of some built in applications on phones that would enable you to make your own music/ringtones. I see a very creative and beneficial future with that aspect incorporated with mobile web usage. All in all, i feel the mobile web is going to do things that i’m not aware of, but i love how it enables me to learn, keep learning, and further maintain and expand my own personal learning environment.

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podcasting and vodcasting.

the first thing that comes to mind when i think of podcasting is actually vodcasting. i’m so used to seeing videos with podcasts, i forget that they started out basically like a radio station.

These are beneficial in so many ways. One of the main things i think they’re used for is keeping up with your favorite stars, bands, fashion, and all that other aesthetic good stuff. On the other hand, another thing they’re good for is getting somewhat actual education from it. Numerous universities vodcast their lectures, as well as other institutions. Like i said, these are the main things i think of when it comes to podcasts/vodcasts. I love how easy it is to be able to connect to something visually and either learn something, or simply know what’s going on.

as a future web designer, these are great tools for me to learn off of in numerous ways. I’m able to see what people are starting to like, what they already do, and what trends are in the future. With that in mind, i’m always able to stay ahead of the curve as much as i can. I would also easily be able to connect, and collaborate with fellow designers to do things that maybe neither of us would’ve thought possible. I don’t know, the possibilities are great with tools like these.

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collective intelligence.

one thing i’ve noticed everytime we have a new subject to learn about, is how each term kind of branches off the last one. Especially personl learning enviroments. I refer to P.L.E’s because to me, these terms are all ways of obtaining information and using them however you want. Collective intelligence is greatly common to communities of practice considering the fact that we gather intellegince “collectively”. It’s also common in the fact that you have to be personal, and close to you colleagues in order for you to efficiently gather ideas, and possibly create new ones. collective intelligence can be, and is done in numerous ways, but speaking in terms of computers and the internet, i’d have to say we’re constantly in a form of collective intelligence. To me, sites like facebook, youtube, delicious, and various blogging sites are simple and subconcious forms of collective intelligence. I say this because we’re constantly sharing and reviewing information, thus learning something different almost unknowingly. I still think that solid, more efficient collective intelligence is done with more personal reseach.

as a future web designer, collective intelligence will be a major factor in my development of better, more ingenuitive programming. Using the internet makes it almost effortless in the fact of how fast and efficient it makes learning and learning about what people are doing, trends, and upcoming advances in technology that will benefit me. Like i said before, i think collective intelligence should be done personally with whomever you choose. This will help you focus and creative more efficiently, considering you have others that are helping you in this process.

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communities of practice.

The main thought that always pops in my head when reading about communities of practice, is how personal they need to be in order for it to be considered as a community of practice. By personal, i just mean that constant contact with, whoever you choose to practice with, needs to be maintained. There’s a lot of other factors that come with this constant contact. One being that once you start collaborating long enough, only you and your certain group will be able to effectively communicate and produce ideas. Thats a good thing considering you won’t even have to try as hard to produce more efficient, original, and great ideas. When you have, or are part of a group that collaborates for web design, or web based ideas, to me it’s not that different from a group that’s collaborating about any other idea. the principals remain the same. you will still need to maintain consistency within the group in order to maintain constant flow of productive and original creativity.

As a future web designer, this is an effective way to communicate and share ideas with fellow peers. It’s also an amazing way to learn things that i might not have without communicating. I would just look, and work towards creating original ideas and new, more intuitive programming.

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to me, really simple syndication feeds, RSS, are basically subscriptions to desired news and information topics. i consider it being comparable to an actual magazine or news subscription being delivered right to your front door. these topics can consist of just about anything, depending on your likes and soon to be likes. Now this sounds like nothing to be impressed about, but this is amazing and quite efficient in what it helps you do and accomplish. the fact that we can effortlessly be delivered and updated on information of our concerns is amazing and somewhat relieving. we’re now able to do and learn more without having to look up all the info we’d like to, and sometimes, need to be aware of. this is also a great tool to mesh into our personal learning environment. (PLE) a good example would be someone who hasn’t much time and is able to be updated and fed desired information with ease and precision. it also gets more personal as well efficient considering we’re able to access the web and our r.s.s feeds on something as simple as our own cellphone. as a future web designer, tools such as r.s.s. are very beneficial in how i’m able to learn. whether that be fast or at my own pace. it also lets me easily have access to news ranging from trends, to new technology that would be beneficial to me and aiding me in my own personal learning environment, and my web designing. i actually consider R.S.S feeds a P.L.E. all in its own. the possibilities learning potential are endless in the accessibility of information that comes with really simple syndication.

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personal learning enviroments.

Before you interact on the web with your PLE, i’m convinced personal learing enviroment interact with you “personally” than anything else. I say this because the way we grow up learning where and how we choose to gather information, greatly influences the way we do the same via the web. I also feel that people will more likey follow and learn information greatly based on the things and activities they have similar interest in. As an example, my PLE greatly consists of art based information. Thus, i learn about new trends in art, new artists, and what my favorite artists are doing. I also like finding out new information about things i had no idea were as intersting as i thought it would be. Blogging is something i’m at doing but i’ve always been very aware of what it is, and what it consist of. I just never actually thought of using it as a learning tool, which now i know it very much so is. Webistes such as delicious and netvibes are new to me, but are very amazing PLE’s. They’re also an amazing way to keep in touch with information that i may forget in the future. As a future web designer, what people like, my likes, and learning about people’s interests are very important to me. Designing and making new intuitive programs are hugely infuenced on what people want to learn, how they want to learn it, and how effectively they learn it. Below are some links that helped me form my opinion.

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